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Cellophony Tour to Korea

January 15, 2013
In June and July 2013, Ashok will be part of an exciting tour of South Korea, as Cellophony and the newly reformed London Cello Sound join forces, under the direction of conductor Geoffrey Simon.
To hear the rich sound of so many cellists playing together, check out the preview videos for the tour here:  


Ashok recording new Cellophony CD this coming week

January 15, 2013
This week Cellophony will be recording their second CD which is to be released on the "Edition Classics" label. The disc, to be released later this year, will contain many of the group's favourite pieces of music written/arranged for cello ensemble.

In the meantime, please if you would like to hear Cellophony, the group's debut disc is available to buy online - either from shops such as or directly from the Music Chamber label

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Highgate International Chamber Music Festival

January 15, 2013
Together with violinist Natalie Klouda and pianist Irina Botan, Ashok founded the Highgate International Chamber Music Festival which took place for the first time December 14th-16th 2012. The festival featured five concerts which brought together an array of fantastic musicians such as Nicola Benedetti, Priya Mitchell and members from today's leading ensembles such as the Artea, Barbirolli, Brodski, Finzi, London Haydn and Navarra quartets, the Erato and Rhodes piano trios and Cellophony.

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Ashok invited to give Performance Class at the Royal Academy of Music

January 6, 2012
Ashok has been invited back to the Royal Academy of Music - where he undertook his undergraduate studies and twice held a Leverhulme Chamber Music Fellowship - but this time to teach!
Ashok will be giving an evening Performance Class for undergraduate cello students in March 2012.

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Ashok appointed to the Advisory Board of the London Cello Society

January 6, 2012
Following an invitation from Selma Gokcen, the Chair of the London Cello Society, Ashok is pleased to announce that he has just been appointed as a member of the Advisory Board for the London Cello Society.

Ashok will be helping advise on the projects and activities of the Society and may be involved in playing at future events.

Head over to to find out more about the LCS.

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Ashok says goodbye and thank you to the Barbirolli Quartet

January 6, 2012

After two and a half fantastic years together, I have decided to bid farewell to my illustrious friends and colleagues in the Barbirolli Quartet. The difficult decision was made in order to allow me more time to devote to further exploring other sides of my career, such as my solo, duo and trio playing.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rakhi, Katie and Ella who are all...

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Barbirolli Quartet CD Release!

January 6, 2012
The Barbirolli Quartet and Nimbus Records are delighted to launch the Barbirolli Quartet’s recording of English Music.
Featuring music by Bliss, Britten, Delius and Purcell, the recording vividly demonstrates the contrasting sound worlds in English string quartet music.
It can be purchased from Nimbus Records or from Amazon 
Alternatively you can purchase the CD directly from the Barbirolli Quartet if you click here .
  • Arthur Bliss String Quartet no.2
  • Frederick De...

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Review of ToneRite for Cello

September 17, 2011

Review of Tonerite for Cello

Price: $349


(Photo1 – ToneRite in action)


As a young performer, one is faced with the enormous difficulty of finding an instrument which has the quality and power necessary for international concert halls, but at a price that is actually affordable.


A few years ago, having spent several years playing on a beautiful old English cello - which produced the sweetest of sounds, but just didn't have enough power to cut t...

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Ashok launches

September 7, 2011
Ashok has just launched a new website dedicated to his cello teaching services in London. Pleae head to to have a look!

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Ashok loaned Stradivarius Cello

September 29, 2010
Ashok has been loaned the 'Segelman' Stradivarius cello by the Royal Academy of Music, where he is currently a Leverhulme Chamber Fellow. The instrument was made in 1692 and in addition to its incredible tone, it is also a remarkably beautiful instrument to behold.

This loan was kindly organised by the Royal Academy in light of all the important concerts and competitions Ashok and the Barbirolli Quartet will be undertaking around the world over the coming year.

Ashok is incredibly grateful to t...
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